Final Project


In this project, you will develop a data centered application which explores and tells a story about a data set of your choice. Whereas the Bytes were designed to teach you about the plumbing necessary to visualize and analyze data, the goal of this project is to close the loop by making an end-user focused data centric experience. You may work in groups on this project. 

Learning Goals

  1. Develop an experience with providing end users with access to data. Your final product will be judged based on the clarity of the interface/narrative presented to the user.
    Note that this does not have to be interactive -- you can choose to focus on creating a compelling report about data. However doing something interactive is encouraged, and consistent with many of the things we've explored so far in the semester.  
    The first part of the final project should meet this learning goal and apply concepts learned in Bytes 1 - 4 including data cleaning and exploration. You should push beyond this to create an interactive application of some kind. Your work will be presented in an in-class session after this phase is completed.
  2. Apply advanced concepts that go beyond what is taught in the Bytes. Your final product will be judged on the depth and/or breadth of your approach. 
    The second part of the final project should expand on the first by applying concepts learned in the second half of the semester. You can develop a hypothesis and apply statistical analysis to test it. You can also apply machine learning. Alternatively you can make use of Google BigQuery to work with an extremely large data set.
  3. Further develop your experience with documenting your data. Your final product will be judged based on the care and clarity with which you document your sources and approach, and the clarity of the goals of what you are doing.

What You Will Hand In

You will hand in a web page that addresses all 3 points above. That is, it should provide end users with access to data (the correct data for the goals of the work). In addition, it should document goals of the application, the sources and approach. You will hand in a link to this web page (which can be hosted on Google Appspot). In addition, you will prepare a presentation for the class. A sample presentation file is available on github. 

BE SURE to state your names in your presentation. In addition, attendance is required for the presentation session.