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Byte 1 Results

posted Jan 27, 2017, 4:44 PM by Jen Mankoff
The Byte 1 results are in, and fascinating. From Crime in Pittsburgh (and the relationship between poverty and crime) to the relationship between planned parent hood funding and teen births,you are asking and exploring interesting questions. One person looked at general educational prowess around the world. Another at UFO sightings by season. Another at ridership of Pittsburgh transit. Two bytes looked a car accidents (one and two). One at air quality.

Two bytes are worth calling out because they begin to look forward to things that we will do more of as we progress through the course. One student explored bike ridership by gender, age, and length. There is a nice example in this byte of finding a potential problem with the data with regard to timezone (or an interesting unexpected finding). Also this student clearly explored the full range of google charts and even made use of an interactive one to support data exploration.

Another Byte made use of the web format to do a great job of not only showing data but explaining it, telling a story with it, and did so beautifully by leveraging bootstrap to help.  This byte looks at the relationship between traffic crashes, age, location, and more.

One thing that we should perhaps emphasize in future years right from Byte 1 is the opportunity to make sure you are accountable by clearly stating where you got your data (and maybe even linking to it). Kudos to those of you who did this! Also linking to the class and so on is great.
Jen Mankoff,
Jan 27, 2017, 4:44 PM