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Future of Cities Panel Discussion

posted Feb 25, 2016, 10:44 AM by Jen Mankoff
Some really great speakers here, including one whose large data visualization work was featured in today's class:


For all those interested in attending, please RSVP for food here: 


Title: The Future of Cities: Metro21 Talks

Date/Time: Monday, February 2912:00-1:00PM

Location: Hamburg Hall 1000

Lunch will be served

Hear from 3 of CMU’s leading faculty in the field of urban studies and technology and how cities are increasingly using technology to predict, identify, and manage urban issues around the world. This event will feature brief talks from an interdisciplinary group of faculty discussing their research and actual deployments across the nation and world. Lunch will be served. Presenters will include:

Anind Dey

Professor Dey, Associate Professor at the Human Computer Interaction Institute, leads a team of Carnegie Mellon University researchers who are turning the campus into a living laboratory for a Google-funded, multi-university expedition to create a robust platform that will enable Internet-connected sensors, gadgets and buildings to communicate with each other.

Wil Gorr

Professor Gorr is a Professor of Public Policy and Management Information Systems and his research interests include geographic information systems, predictive models, and management science models applied to public sector problems. He and his colleague, Kristen Kurland, have written three geographic information systems textbooks for ESRI Press.

Randy Sargent

Randy Sargent, a Senior Systems Scientist at the Robotics Institute, holds dual appointments at Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab and Google. At the CREATE Lab, he develops ways to interactively explore and understand large datasets and complex systems, including air and water quality, personal health, and employment and economic trends.