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Great local summer internship opportunity

posted Feb 25, 2016, 3:40 PM by Jen Mankoff

A Call to Global Visualization Action: Summer CREATE Lab Internships

Fresh from COP21 and World Economic Forum, the CREATE Lab Earth Timelapse explorable visualization project is looking for undergraduate and graduate students to help ingest new global time-series data into our visualization platform and tell stories with it.  We're looking ideally for students with some or all of these skills:

- Desire to engage with and tell stories geographically and over time with datasets around climate change, income / wealth inequality, justice, jobs

- Large dataset manipulation / ingestion in scripting languages like Python

- User engagement in Javascript / WebGL

- A desire to research and find best visualization practices from around the world and incorporate.

Your work will be featured internationally, and we will endeavor together to use visually compelling evidence to directly influence global decision-making. If you are interested in working with us this summer please email Chris Bartley ( with your CV and introduce yourself.