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New Methods and Tools for Big Data (MT4BD-2014)

posted Feb 18, 2014, 4:51 AM by Jen Mankoff
This CFP came across my inbox today. Notice the range of topics (not necessarily all about big data). Interesting to compare it to what we are covering in class -- of course research and practice don't always overlap completely. 

The Workshop on “New Methods and Tools for Big Data (MT4BD-2014)” will welcome paper submissions introducing and implementing methods and tools to address various algorithms and methods for processing, modeling and mining of big data and applications. This workshop will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between theoreticians and practitioners. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following new techniques and applications relevant to the big data topic:

Big Data Analytics:
Business intelligence and analytics;
Interactive Visualisation Technologies and Visual Analytics;
Data mining;
Human Collaboration (crowdsourcing)

Tools and Applications:
Smart Health and Wellbeing;
Smart Cities;
Sensors Networks;
Industrial Automation;
Systems Biology and Bioinformatics;
Financial Forecasting and Trading;

Big Data Architectures and Frameworks:
Cloud computing;
Grid computing;
Data storage and processing frameworks;
Security and privacy