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SUDS Competition

posted Jan 13, 2017, 7:39 AM by Jen Mankoff
If you don't know about SUDS, you should definitely get on their mailing list (and check out their website. Here's a competition I hope our class will be submitting to!

Hope you're all resting, relaxing, and reminiscing on the great data projects you completed last semester-- but I hope you'll also take a moment to consider submitting that work (and next semester's projects) as a SUDS Blog Featured Project!

Past projects have received widespread attention (some even went viral), and are one of the best ways to highlight the amazing work we're all doing, through SUDS and in our personal capacities. And it's a great way to translate your school projects into something you can publicly link to in a portfolio or resume. 

As a friendly and fun incentive, we're also continuing the "SUDS Top Data Project" award (with prize!) for all projects (including previously featured ones) submitted by April 1stBut earlier submissions are welcome and appreciated, as we post on a rolling basis. 

The submission guidelines are attached, or located on our website. Please send any questions and submit your student research projects to