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Visual Analytics Course @ CHI 2016

posted Mar 2, 2016, 7:14 AM by Jen Mankoff
If you are attending CHI 2016 you may find this course interesting:
Interested in learning about opportunities for research and practice in an exciting new area?   Three of us from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Jean Scholtz, Russ Burtner, and Kris Cook) will be teaching a course on visual analytics at CHI 2016.  The course is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10th in the morning.  A description is below - feel free to forward to others who may want to attend.   Also we are more than happy to answer questions you may have about the course!

This course will introduce the field of Visual Analytics and provide an overview of the opportunities that exist for HCI researchers and practitioners.    Topics will include a definition of visual analytics along with examples of current systems, types of tasks and end users, issues in defining user requirements, design of visualizations and interactions, guidelines and heuristics, the current state of user-centered evaluations, and metrics for evaluation.  We will present the information in 4 segments:  introduction, user requirements, designing visualizations and interactions, and user-centered evaluation.  Each segment will be presented using slides and showing examples of various parts of systems as appropriate.  There will be small group hands-on activities ranging from brainstorming about different methods to use, to designing a piece of an interactive visualization, to constructing a design for an evaluation with some novel metrics.   Attendees will receive handouts of the slides used in the course as well as a list of references.  We encourage designers, HCI researchers, and HCI practitioners to attend.

Sign up soon - the early registration ends March 14th!   Adding on a course is only $25 extra and you will get a great set of course notes electronically.