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Yelp Data Challenge Set

posted Mar 22, 2015, 2:44 AM by Jen Mankoff
Hi folks,

Looks like there's an interesting new data set available:

Hope all is well. I wanted to share an exciting news update about Yelp
Dataset Challenge <>, a project I'm
involved with here. We provide a rich dataset about local businesses
(reviews, tips, user information, checkins) to folks in academia to push
the frontiers of Data Science Research.

We've just updated this dataset by adding 2M+ reviews in 10 cities and
announced our latest contest.

In fact, one of the cities we've added in this round is Pittsburgh!!

We’d like to invite students at CMU to participate in Yelp’s Dataset
Challenge and have the opportunity to win an award for the resulting
research. Could you please share the message below with the relevant
students and faculty: